(1) A candidate should be free evidence of any contagious or infectious disease. He should not be suffering from any disease which is likely to be aggravated by service or is likely to render him unfit for service or endanger the health of the public. He should also be free from evidence of tuberculosis in any form, active or healed.

(2)Height, Weight And Chest

Candidates should satisfy the following minimum standards, namely:-

HEIGHT: 137 centimeters; Weight:25.4 Kilogram; Chest expansion should not be less than 3.8 centimeters irrespective of size of chest:

Provide that where a candidate does not satisfy the said minimum standards but is certified in writing by a Medical Officer not below the rank of anAssistant Surgeon (Gazetted), to be physically fit for being engaged as an apprentice in a particular trade under the Apprentices Act,1961, he may be engaged as an apprentice in that trade.


There should be no evidence of any morbid condition of either eye of the lids of either eye which may be liable to risk of aggracation of recurrence.

Standard of Vision

Visual acuity: 9Candidates having vision in one eye shall eligible to undergo apprenticeship training except in the following seventeen trades, namely :-

(1) Electrician Aircraft (2) Watch and Clock Mechanic

(3) Driver cum Fitter (4) Surveyor

(5) Process Cameraman (6) Sirdar

(7) Rigger(Engg. & Chem. Industry) (8) Shortfirer/Blaster(Mines)

(9) Mate(Mines) (10) Mech. Radio & Radar Aircraft

(11) Ceramic Moduler (12) Ceramic Caster

(13) Ceramic Kiln Operator (14) Ceramic Press Operator

(15) Ceramic Modeller (16) Ceramic Decorator

(17) Optical worker

(b) Colour vision: Not required

(4) EARS

Hearing must be good in both ears and there should be no sign of suppurative disease. No hearing aid shall be permitted.

(5) SKIN

There should be no evidence of acute or chronic skin disease or chronic ulceration.


Speech should preferably be without impediment.


1. Candidates should have sufficient number of natural teeth (in healthy state) for mastication.

2. Spleen should not be palpably enlarged and there should be no evidence of tenderness in the splenic area.

3. Liver should not be palpable or tender.

4. There should be no oral sepsis.

5. There should be no sugar in the urine.

6. Candidates should not be suffering from haemorrhoids, fissures in and testis anal hernia or bubonocele or ischio-rectal abscess or hydrocele.


1. Blood pressure should not exceed 85 diastolic and 140 systolic.

2. Candidates with low blood pressure (i.e. systolic below 100) should be


3. There should be no sign of any cardiovascular disease.


Candidates should be free from all diseases of respiratory system. There should be no deformity of chest which may cause impediment to breathing.


There should be no evidence of genito urinary disease or any abnormality.


1. The function of all limbs should be within normallimits.

2. There should be no evidence of serious deformitym of the spinal column

or of the extremities.


There should be no evidence of any disease of nervous system or of any mental disease.


There should be no evidence of tuberculosis or other disease of the glandular system including the endocrine glands.