All India Competition for Apprentices Under Apprenticeship Training Scheme

With a view to fostering a spirit of healthy competition among the apprentices and also the establishments in the country which have engaged them for apprenticeship training, a scheme has been formulated on the recommendation of the Central Apprenticeship Council to hold' Regional & All India competition for Apprentices in fifteen trades mentioned below :-

  • 1. Fitter
  • 2. Tuner
  • 3. Machinist
  • 4. Welder (Gas, & Electric)
  • 5. Electrician
  • 6. Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)
  • 7. Instrument Mechanic
  • 8. Electronics Mechanic
  • 9. Draughtsman (Mechanical)
  • 10. Wireman
  • 11. Mechanic (Diesel)
  • 12. Refrigeration & Air- Conditioning Mechanic.
  • 13. Tool and Die Make6r (Press tools, Jigs & Fixture)
  • 14. Tool & Ole Maker (Dies & Moulds) 15. Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance.

1.Selection of the best competitors/apprentices for the competition:

The All India Competition is conducted at three levels as detailed below:

(i)Local Centre Level Competition

The Competition is termed as 'Local Centre Selection'. The best apprentices are selected centre wise in each of the concerned trades on the basis of their results in the final trade test conducted under the aegis of NCVT.

(ii)Regional Level Competition

This is termed as 'Regional Competition'. The Best apprentices are selected centre wise after grouping. For a grouping there shall be a minimum of 16 candidates as per rules in each of the concerned trade. The candidates selected based on 'Local Centre Competitions' are eligible to compete at the Regional Level competition. Regional competitions are held about two months after the local centre competition."In case after making all possible efforts; grouping of a minimum of 16 apprentices is not possible in any of the trade of competition irrespective of the apprentices being central I state sector, in that event the apprentice / apprentices securing the highest marks on qualifying at the local centre, be permitted to appear at the Regional Competition of Apprentices. Such apprentices I apprentices shall not be ruled out for competing at the Regional Competition due to mere grouping 0nly." Local centre should be grouped state wise and not Region wise as usual.

(iii) Eligibility for appearing in All India competition for Apprentices.

(a) Candidates passing with grace marks will not be considered eligible at any level of Competition. (b) If more than 1 competitor scores the same highest aggregate marks in the All India Trade Test or All India Competition; the candidate who scores more marks in practical will be declared eligible. (c) If aggregate and marks in practical are same for more than one candidate, then the marks for Trade Theory should be considered to decide the Winner and Runner-up. (d)n apprentice who has missed the immediate test on completion of his Training and has otherwise stood first at the local centre competition shall not be considered for Regional competition presumining he has developed more skill during that period.

There are 6 regions throughout the country i.e. Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kanpur and Ludhiana. The Advanced Training Institutes & Central Training Institute are earmarked for the conduct of Regional competition for Apprentices. The States coming under each region are as mentioned below:-


SI. No. Name Of Trade Name of the Institute/Trade Testing center
1 Fitter E W S2 N1 N2 S1
2 Turner E W S2 N1 N2 S1
3 Machinist E W S2 N1 N2 S1
4 Welder E W S2 N1 N2 S1
5 Electrician E W S2 N1 N2 S1
6 Mechanic(M/V) E W S2 N1 N2 S1
7 InstrumentMechanic S1+E+S2 N1+W+N2 - - - -
8 Electronic Mechanic E N1+W+N2 S2 - - S1
9 Draughts- man Mech. S1+E+S2 N1+W+N2 - - - -
10 Wireman E W S2 N1 N2 S1
11 Mech. Diesel E W S2 N1 N2 S1
12 Refrigeration & AirConditioning Mech. E+W+S1+S2+N1+N2 - - - - -
13 Tool & DieMaker (Di& Moulds) E W - N1 N2 S1+S2
14 Tool & DieMaker (PressTool Jigs & Fixtures) E W - N1 N2 S1+S2
15 MechanicMachine ToolMaintenance E+S1+S2 - - W+N1+N2 - -


E -Candidates both from State/Central Sectors from the States of West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Sikkim and Jharkhand.

W-Candidates both from Central/State Sectors from the State of Maharashtra, Gujarat,Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Goa, Daman & Diu.

S1-Candidates both from Central/State Sectors from the States of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Lakshadweep Island, Pondicherry.

S2-Candidates both from Central/State Sectors from the States Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

N1-Candidates both from Central / State Sectors from the States of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Chhattisgarh.

N2-Candidates both from center /state sector from the states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Delhi.

(iv)All India Competition:

This competition is conducted about a month after the regional competition. Both the winner and runners up apprentices at the regional competition in each region, in each trade would be eligible to appear at the All India Competition.

2. Subject for the competiton and allocation of marks.

SI. No. subject Maximum Marks Minimum pass Marks
1 Practical 300 180
2 Trade Theory 100 50
3 WorkshopCalculation CalculationScienc 50
4 EngineeringDrawing 50 25
  total 500 280

If an apprentice fails even in one subject, he is to be declared 'not qualified’. The best apprentice is chosen amongst the qualified lot only.

3.Declaration of the Best Apprentice and Runners-up at the Regional Level Competition/All India Level Competition In each trade

The competitor(s) who stands first and second after qualifying Regional Level Competition/All India Level Competition will be declared the best apprentice and runner-up apprentice in the trade respectively provided they score a minimum of 70% of the maximum marks in the trade practical Subject.

4.Declaration of the Best Establishment

Declaration of the best establishments at the regional Level & All India Level will be based on the highest total of marks secured by the trainee/trainees of the concerned establishment, in all the trades.

5.Awards under the scheme

(i)(a) ATrophy and Certificate of Hon’ble Mention from the President of India for the best establishment In all the trades in the All India Competition. The establishment winning the award consecutively for three years will be allowed to retain the silver trophy. (b) Merit Certificates for the best establishments at the Regional competition, in all the trades.

(ii)Awards for Apprentices

(a) Merit Certificate to the Best Apprentice in the Local Centre Competition. (b) Merit Certificate and Cash Award of Rs. 10,000/-to the Best Apprentice in each trade in each region at Regional Level Competition. (c) Merit Certificate and Cash Award of Rs. 5,000/- to be Runners-up Apprentice in each trade at Regional Level Competition. (d) Merit Certificate and Cash Award of Rs. 50,000/- to the Best Apprentice in each trade at All India Level Competition. (e) Merit Certificate 'and Cash Award of Rs. 25,000/- to the Runners-up in each trade at all India Level Competition.

6. Traveling Allowance/Daily Allowance to Competitors/Best Apprentices under the scheme

i) Traveling Allowance:

Reimbursement of the traveling expenditure to the competitors would be limited to the second class train fare for the shortest distance between the home town/place of duty/place of training to the place of All India Competition/place of function for awards and back. Shortest distance will be calculated between railway stations nearest to both the places under consideration.

ii) Daily allowance:

Daily allowance as applicable to a Group ‘C’ Central /State Government employee at the minimum of the scale as per the rules, for the complete period of competition.TA/DA for the competitors for Regional and All India Competition will be borne by the respective establishments.

Eligibility Criteria : NTC / NAC in Machinist/Turner/Fitter or Diploma / Degree in Mechanical / Production / Mechatronics Engineering.