The apprenticeship Training means to impart training on shop-floor thereby apprentices acquires all employable skills needed for industries. Apprentices are exposed to industrial environments & live problems which are not possible in institutional training. As a result apprentices are fully equipped with higher level of skills.

Apprenticeship Training in organized sector is regulated as per the provisions of the Apprentices Act, 1961. For implementing, Central Sector and private sector plays a vital role through respective State Directors and Regional Directorate of Apprenticeship Training respectively. The ultimate objective of ATS is to be produce skilled manpower both qualitively and quantitatively with the active participation of organized sectors in India. RDAT, Hyderabad is the sub office of DGT, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship the SDIS & ATS in the region comprising of ANDHRA PRADESH, TELANGANA, KARNATAKA & ODISHA.


  • Implementation of Apprenticeship Training Scheme under the Apprentices Act, 1961-Survey/Resurvey of establishments, registration of contracts of apprentices and maintenance of progress records of all the establishments and their apprentices regularly.
  • Inspection of establishments and Basic Training centre for quality control of Apprenticeship Training Scheme.
  • Conducting Progressive Trade Test in establishments periodically for evaluation and organizing All India Test in the region and awarding National Apprenticeship Certificate to successful apprentices.
  • Arranging Trade Committee Meetings and Regional Apprenticeship Advisory Committee meetings in accordance with the directives of DGT, New Delhi.
  • Implementation of SDIS/ MES Scheme for Skill Development in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Odisha.